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Now I know Why "Nate Is Great"

Stevie Boy

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  • Baller

Everybody analyzes, Nates slalom style and tries to come up with some answers, as to why he his so great, if you watch the video on the Home page, the answer is right there in your face, apart from being natural on the water, he is a great listener and is able to convert what he has heard into Actions, His Listening to Talking ratio must be about 85 to 15, his conversion, from listening to action, has got to be around 92 to 8.


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  • Baller _

I'll bet "Nate is great" because he figured out each aspect of slalom skiing, decided in each aspect what worked best for him, and integrated those components into a "style." I'm just making this up as an illustration, but maybe through a lot of trial and error he decided that a Marcus Brown style off side tun with a Wade Cox on side turn linked together with a Scott Tynan lean and an Andy Mapple gate work best for him. He probably doesn't think of his on side turn, for example, as a "Mr. X" turn, its just how he turns, and how "X" turns, but maybe Nate and X lean much differently.


There are very few pros out there who, in my opinion, successfully adopted someone else's style and made it work for them. So, my conclusion is that if you "try to ski like Nate," you may get better, but you may not reach your full potential. Mimicking any one skier's complete style may not work at all for you, even though "X" kills it.


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