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No More Slalom Course - Possible Ski Change


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Looking for some feedback, as I have always found it helpful here. For the past 9 years I have have had the flexibility with my job to ski on a private site with a course 2x/week on weekdays May - Sept (ski club where I pay membership fee, then sets. Driver provided). That has now changed due to my job change, and looks to be this way for the foreseeable future. I have accepted that a majority, if not all, of my skiing will take place on a public lake, early morning open water sessions on weekends and occasional family vacations (no course). I am 42 years old, wife/3kids, good physical shape, and I ski at 34mph into/through 32 off regularly. I use a 66" D3 Fusion.


With this change, I am thinking about changing skis to be more in line with my new focus. 32 - 34mph, open water, hopefully calm water, with occasional boat rollers. Instead of making 6 turns and stopping, making 30 turns.


Thoughts on possible change of ski options?



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This is the one I have. Had great luck with it. Sets up pretty easy. Only problem I've had is in one of the lakes we used it in had about 20 feet of weeks on the bottom and it made it hard to straighten out. Also I tie a heavy rope on the anchor with a ball at the end and a small weight to keep it out of the way. I got the anchor stuck on a stump or something one time and thought I was going to break the rope trying to get it out.

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  • Baller_


#1 get/keep the kids interested in watersports. If you can get them excited about slalom, trick and riding jumpers, you will be miles ahead. On a public lake, you can do a lot with tricks.


#2 Keep the ski, its fine.


#3 It sucks when the d#$% job gets in the way of important stuff.

If it was easy, they would call it Wakeboarding

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