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Waterlogged ski


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I was wondering if a ski can really get waterlogged? I've always been told and advised to repair a ski when it gets damaged in case it gets waterlogged but is this just an old wives tale? Years ago I was told by an eminent pro/coach that I shouldn't ski on my red/blue sixam when I took a chunk out of it with the handle until it had been repaired for this very reason. My daughter was also told on the start dock of a comp last year that her ski was waterlogged by another skier's coach after he tapped it a few times!!


I ask because I just bought a brand new top end slalom ski and took the fin box off and was amazed to see that the slot for the fin was just a naked slice taken out of the ski without any visible sealing/waterproofing or finishing whatsoever - you can even see the internal construction of the ski which is therefore exposed every time you put your ski in the water. Forget a small dink - this is a large area constantly under water and pressure every time you ski.


So whats the answer? I'm no engineer but surely it can't be good for a ski to fill with water so either the inside of ski's are waterproof in some way or it doesn't matter if the internal construction is exposed to water constantly because otherwise the manufacturers would do something different - wouldn't they?


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Honeycomb skis could get water in the cells. Then the honeycomb corrodes and the water spreads. Repair dings in a honeycomb ski right away.


Open cell foam can absorb water. Wood cores can get waterlogged. And a hollow ski will be very difficult to keep dry inside.


Many ski manufacturers use PVC closed cell foam. It resists absorbing water quite well. I've left a lot of uncovered foam on various skis with no problem. Even unrinsed salt water hasn't done damage to the foam. Perhaps extended underwater time would affect the foam but not normal ski use.


Still, fix your dings promptly. At least you will feel better. Unless the ding somehow improves the performance. In that case, enjoy it.




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