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Get to Know USA Water Ski


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You know, I think that's a nice move by USAWS to put together that video - it personalizes the experience.


I think they understand there's can be confusion about their actual role, and props to them for taking this step toward educating and helping their members find value in what they do.

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Thanks @ScarletArrow‌ That was the major motivation behind this. We will be posting many more 'how to's', informational videos and fun videos on our YouTube channel. We really wanted to establish an easy way to share what we do and what we are working on with our members. It's all about communication! :)


On that same note, we are building a database of "FAQ's" answered by skiers and our partners via video that will be posted throughout the year. We have a lot of expertise and access to people with a ton of knowledge about the sport and other aspects of our organization from daunting insurance questions to going through the contents of our 2014 Collegiate Kits.


Stay tuned and thank you for the support and encouraging words.

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