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Reflex Monoplate Mounting Problem

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I recently acquired a reflex binder system with the monoplate. I'm currently trying to mount it on the ski. The 6 mounting inserts for the front binder match perfectly, but the 4 mounting inserts for the back binder do not. I'm thinking I could seal the existing inserts (probably with hot-glue or marine jb weld) and drill new pilot holes to match the monoplate (I do not want to drill the plate). This is where I start to get a little nervous though as I don't want to screw up the ski.


Can I just use a standard lag screw and drill into the ski to mount the back of the monoplate or should I install new inserts? What is typical best practice? If I should really install the inserts where can I get them? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I should have elaborated more. The problem isn't that I'm unwilling to drill the plate, the problem is that the current inserts are on the very edge of the plate or very near existing holes. Any "hole" I drill would really be more like a slot.


I also want to be able to easily adjust the plate forward and back which is easier if I use the existing holes in the plate.

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@BMG73, it is an old KD. The binders are worth more than the ski itself. If I go with inserts and screw something up then I'm out like $50 tops. However, the water temp here is going up rapidly and I might make it out this week, I don't have time to screw it up. :-)


I'm going to mull over this until tomorrow.

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