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Slalom records by year?


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Hey, I'm new to the site and generally to the sport, and I'm trying to find the progression of the records. Apparently my google-fu is weak, as I can only find info on the men's records since 2005. Does anyone have a breakdown of the record breaking runs? How long each stood, what ski and boat they were behind etc?
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Go to www.awsasouth.org and click on "history" on the menu on the left. There is a complete history of all AWSA records (all divisions and events). Also some cool links to old rule books etc.


Of course that's just data, you need @Edbrazil‌ for all the detailed information and awesome stories around many of those names, events and scores! :)

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Additionally, this is history on the AWSA records, all of them. Huge project by Jeff Clark,

a longtime official and recipient of the AWSEF Award of Distinction back in 2007.




AWSA started record-keeping very early, especially the jumping records, which go

back to 1947 in Men. Page through the large file, and note that division specifications

changed or were added.


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Here's a number for you. Back at the Bay State Open in 1960, Warren Witherell

ran up a score of 116, or something like that. At that time, slalom started at

something like 24mph (mandatory, no skipping), and each pass was worth 8

points, counting the gates. And, at short line, I think that passes up and back

were repeated.


Until the new Rules with scoring based on starting at about 15mph, I figured that

was a record that could never be exceeded. Thanks to people like Nate and

Chris, that buoy count is now over 120 at times.


Of course, note that at the time, it was 34mph SL for men, no course certification,

and no speed control, and no boat timing. But...quite a feat anyway.

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