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Visual plot line for ski design


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After reading another post about a Baller wanting trade X ski for Y ski, some of the responses included that X is on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to Y.


I would have never known that and I doubt you could get that kind of information by reading company marketing material.


I know "independent ski tests" are merely an attempt to describe the characteristics of the ski... So I'm wondering if a plot line graph / chart would help skiers visually place a ski in its respective quadrant and understand what it's trying to do.


This is done in other industries (e.g. financial services), why not here?


Radar kind of already does this in their brochure, but the graph is limited to their own brand, is lineal and and has basic criteria.


Why not a quadrant with stability, control, speed, turning, etc?

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I hear you but no. I spent 3 years trying to numerically define skis and consider it to be a mistake. Imagine numerically defining cars without a stopwatch or telemetry. It is all feel.


I dare you to try to get all the Ballers to agree on what something simple like "speed" for "fast" means

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