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Iowa at Bennett's Water Ski School

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Well as of now the Iowa Ski Team has been back from our spring break trip down to Bennett's Water Ski School for a week and a half and as anyone from the Midwest can understand, we are already missing the water again. While down there we saw one of our freshman women's skiers run her first pass ever, one of our senior (old balls) members skied a personal best of 4 at 34 mph 15 off. Our most improved freshman from our spring awards ceremony who hadn't been on skis before the fall semester progressed so far on the combo trick skis that the coaches ran out of tricks to teach him other than line step overs while also beginning to cut at the ramp and get buoys in the course. Congratulations to all of our skiers and we're looking forwards to our first competition in Missouri April 12th and 13th!
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