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The most revolutionary new GOODE ever


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I just opened the Goode news letter and I got fooled for few seconds!

I have a new ski and After spending 2000$ I would not like to see a newer model coming out so quickly, especially one that would revolutionize the sport.

Good joke though!!!!

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Quite a nice sense of humor by Dave, esp. to spend the time needed to

produce this hoax video. Dave will be honored by the Award of Distinction

at the Hall of Fame weekend.


This is the link to the YouTube file:


Back in the back-back, in the 1950's and early 1960's, there were plenty of

2-ski slalomers. Warren Witherell finally proved that 1-ski was the way to go,

esp. when he ran into 36 off.


Boys slalom at the 1957 Nationals was won by Glenn Sperry on 2 skis.


There are probably fewer people who have run a full tournament pass at 34mph,

(which was the top speed at the time) on 2 skis than have run 41 in the modern era.


One of these years, I'd like to see an Olde Tyme event feature 2-ski SL and TR.

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Had to view this video from my phone using some of my limited Data and let me just say it was worth every second. Bravo Dave i love to see your sense of humor! I seriuosly laughed my ars off. Regina rips!!!! Cant wait to get my hands on a set! "boat hulls are designed this way and look how well they turn" Fantastic thanks for the laugh i needed it.
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The attached is an April Fools hoax column that I wrote in 1993, for WaterSki Magazine.


Caught a lot of people, especially outraged barefooters.


Please note that this is probably copyrighted material, and just posted as a news

item and not for general Internet distribution. Enjoy it and don't forward it.


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