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Crazy fun day today doing a few variations of H2O all in the same day!


My 4 year old son Jayden, snowboarding for the second time at Mission Ridge (Wenatchee, WA). Totally crazy that on his second day snowboarding, he is already riding the chair to the very top (Chair #2 and #3). I actually think my wife is going to have a hard time keeping up with him............. Here is a little video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aa0UNFcJItM


Apparently Mission Ridge thinks it is cool that there are two 4-year olds snowboarding all the way from the top to the bottom. Jayden and his friend Marshall made the Mission Ridge Website: http://www.missionridge.com/news/family-funday


I finished it off with a waterski on the Columbia River. No course today, but was still fun. Water Temp was 41 degrees and air was 59 degrees.


Is there a baller index or coefficient to include SNOW in the equation?

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