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Clemson WaterSki Bracket Fundraiser


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March madness is appoaching, and the Clemson ski team is hosting a bracket challenge! Anyone can join and enter unlimited brackets. Each bracket will cost $5. First place will win 50% of the total earnings, 2nd will get 10%, and the rest will be donated to the Clemson ski team!


Link to Bracket


Please pay me (Paul Kulig) by the second round, or your bracket(s) will be deleted. Good Luck and Go Tigers!



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Hey guys. Sorry, but I didn't make this post until spring break had already started for us. That is why the group is so empty. I think next year we will try to promote this earlier to gain more participation.


@Fatroll‌ I have a PayPal account if you are still interested. My email address is pkulig@g.clemson.edu

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