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Odesur games Santiago 2014: Waterski coverage


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Waterski became the best performer sport for Chile in the South American games (held every 4 years). Big media coverage, for 13 medals in total and 4 gold medals out of 8 possible. Many minutes on all TV news channels, several pages in newspapers, etc...


Today, in the Overall finals, more than 1,000 spectators at the lake, unheard of here, even for the Worlds...


Spectators were able to see 9,300 points in tricks and 66m jumps, as well, and Pipe Miranda was posing for pictures like a rock star.


Great day for waterskiing



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Final results for podium finishers


Mens Slalom

1. Nicholas Walter (BRA) 5@11.25m

2. Martin Malarczuk (ARG) 4.5@11.25m

3. Santiago Robledo (COL) 3@11.25m


Womens Slalom

1. Delfina Cuglievan (PER) 2.5@11.25m

2. Fermanda Naser (CHI) 2.5@12m

3. Valentina Gonzalez (CHI) 2@12m


Mens Jump

1. Rodrigo Miranda (CHI) 64m

2. Felipe Miranda (CHI) 60m

3. Santiago Correa (COL) 55.9m


Womens Jump

1. Valentina Gonzalez (CHI) 39.1m

2. Delfina Cuglievan (PER) 38.6m

3. Fermanda Naser (CHI) 35.1m


Mens Trick

1. Santiago Robledo (COL) 8900pts

2. Rodrigo Miranda (CHI) 8540pts

3. Jorge Renosto (ARG) 8270pts


Womens Trick

Natalia Cuglievan (PER) 7320pts

2. Femanda Naser (CHI) 5150pts

3. Calentina Gonzalez (CHI) 5150pts


Mens Overall

1. Filepe Miranda (CHI) 3000pts

2. Rodrigo Miranda (CHI) 2910.66pts

3. Santiago Correa (COL) 1894.60pts


Womens Overall

1. Fermanda Naser (CHI) 2794.84pts

2. Calentina Gozalez (CHI) 2781.25pts

3. Delfina Cugilevan (PER) 2463.01pts


Country by Medal Count

1. Chile

2. Peru

3. Colombia

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