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Body position offside vs onside

Chris Rossi

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gator1 Baller

January 13

I'd like to know if he is aiming for the same position in both weak side and strong side pull, and they just look different due to the fact theyARE weak side/strong, or is he trying for different positions to maximize the available (and different) mechanics of weak/strong stance. In other words hips rotated cross course on weak side, and more open to boat strong side. On purpose, or of necessity? Or optical illusion I shouldn't be seeing?



I haven't thought about it this way in a long time. I work on trying to be balanced with my weight centered between my feet so that I feel powerful in my stacked position. There is a difference between off and on side and how your body is torqued. If you stand in your skiing position and then put your arms out to your side so that you are making a "T" shape and then rotate your upper torso to the left and tot he right, you will find a different torque point. The greater the difference of the catch point, the more unbalanced you will tend to be on the course. I work on my stance (boot rotation) of both feet to find an optimal balance. For me it's 1/8" rotated out with my front boot and 1/2" rotated out with the rear boot. I like to work on shoulder positioning, arms straight, and being light on my ski to allow myself to find my natural, centered stance on the ski. Hope this answers some of what you were looking for.


I will be answering more of the questions you all have posted before we continue with the "Ask Rossi" contest. I look forward to the continued discussions on these topics.



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@chrisrossi‌ Just switched to a reflex with r style rear and was have some right hip discomfort after skiing. I am left foot forward and it was my right hip that was the problem. Rotated my right foot bringing my toes to the right and heel left. Only skied once but felt better. A half inch seems like a lot. How did you find this setup? Trial and error? Will rotating the boots change how the ski turns?
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