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Ski Set-up for 22 - 28 off

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In the recent video by Andy Mapple where he compares the path of 28 off versus 38 off, he remarks that his set-up for 38 off actually makes running 28 off harder for him.


That sure has got me thinking! If this is the case then what changes do I, as someone who is struggling to get through 28 off / 34mph, make to the "recommended" settings?


I just bought a left-over 2013 Radar Strada (68", I am 55 years old, 6'0" tall and weigh 190 - 195lbs). Chris Rossi's recommended settings are 2.5 depth, 6.845 lenght, 0.77 DFT, 29 7/8 binding with 9 degree wing. I assume that these are his recommended settings for an advanced short line skier, which, per Andy Mapple's statement, would make running 28 off even harder for an intermediate course skier like me.


So, if my logic is correct, then there should be some "adjustments" to the pro-level recommended settings which would make running 28 off easier, right? What would those adjustments be?



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Your assumption is that the recommended settings are for elite skiers. In most cases, factory recommended settings are for an average skier. You go with the stock settings and then work from there. Lot of the elite skiers will go with less length and more depth from stock or recommended. In andy's case, he runs a lot of depth with a really short length.
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