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Where Can a guy take a few sets in Orlando near Disney?


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@lcarnes, I always wanted to do some sets at Rini's place. I used to drive by it every day going to/from work but never fit it into my schedule. The nice thing about his place is the water is almost always good. There are 2 course options depending on wind direction. It is literally 15 minutes from Disney and right on S. Orange Ave by SR417. They are putting in a ramp to Orange from the 417 now so that should make it even easier to get to.
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Along with Lucky's (3 courses on the lake almost guarantee good water), there is also

Grew Lake nearby, with Kyle Eade now running the program. Plus, right in Orlando, there's

Kris Lapoint's and Andy's just about next door to each other. And, for that matter, in

the middle of Orlando, List StJohn has a ski school operation. See: wakescout.com

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Forgot about Sammy Duvall, although that operation right inside Disney appears to cater

to more recreational pursuits, and may not have a SL course there. See:


Back in the back when, WaterSki Magazine did boat tests in Disney. I stupor-vised installing

a course for that and also for the Ski Supreme pro event. Maybe still there; maybe still

subbuoyed. Sammy is at the Contemporary Resort; the lake we did that on is right next

to it.

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