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Rudder cable length


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So our wakeboard and waterski club here at Washington State University has a 1998 Malibu Sunsetter LX that is due if not past due for a new rudder cable.

I am having the hardest time locating the stamped serial number to give me the length I need to order. I have checked the steering wheel end of the cable as well as the rudder end and can't find it. Does anyone have this boat and know the length of cable? And yes I have searched Google but haven't found any conclusive answers.

Thank you,


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@jcamp the slalom wake isn't too bad it's a little hard. I haven't skied it too much since we also made friends with some guys who ski on the river with dedicated ski boats. It would be a great family boat though with the wakeboard and ski crossover capabilities.

I have heard that the LXI version has a better ski wake but I am not sure on that.


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You can measure it in place by tracing the path on the gunnel. There is a bit of fudge room in cable length, so if you are close, you are good. There is a bit of slack in the corners.


The best method I have used to pull it through is to very securely tape a short section of rope (6") between the old and new cable and pull it through with a person helping it slide around obstructions. It sounds scarier than it is. It takes longer to disconnet and reconnect the fasteners than it takes to pull the new cable.


Good luck.

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@‌Eric4c I just ordered one last week for my 2000 sunsetter LXi. I believe the LX uses the same cable - teleflex 19', part# SSC13419

themalibucrew.com is your friend

Best price I could find: Amazon (select the 19' version)

Teleflex now has a fancier version (Xtreme or something like that), sold at skidim, but looking into it, I wasn't convinced that it worth the price increase, at least for ski boats. Adds some 'smoothness' but not necessarily any durability.


And yes, the LXi has a better slalom wake (amazing for the size of boat, great even at lower speeds, 28mph, etc) and worse wakeboard wake. The LXi is on the "diamond hull", and with a few custom-ordered exceptions, the LX is on the "wake hull".

That said, I wouldn't turn down a ride behind either.

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