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This year I'm going to beat the system... But I need your help.


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Last year my job killed my ski season. Basically I travel every other week. So this year, I'm going to utilize the "OB Model". I travel, my ski travels...


With that said, my travel is split between the following locations:

Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX

Birmingham, AL

Auburn, AL

Montgomery, AL

Orlando, FL

Charlotte, NC


If you can support a visitor at your site, send me some contact information. I've got cash, beer, gas, can drive, pick up trash, offer bad advice, etc.


I'm not going to be "that guy", max you might see me 4 times a year. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ron - rlray at southernco dot com



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In Orlando reach out to @SkiKolb he can direct you to Lapoint Ski Park which is a good site and reasonably priced. There are a ton of places to ski in Orlando though. There are a bunch of sites in Austin also. I think you should be able to ski a bunch you just need to bring your ski with you.
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