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am 33 vs. mapple 6.0


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I was curious if any ballers have ridden both skis and how they compare to each other. Rode a 6.0 last summer and loved it. Been looking on ski it again all winter for a 66.75 maple but with no luck. There is a am33. Kinda curious about the ski but its a a big gamble on a ski that is no longer made.



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Yes, I have skied both and currently ski the AM-33. Love them both. Only skied the 6.0 one time, but think I can offer an objective comparison. The AM-33 seemed slightly faster buoy to buoy, the 6.0 road a little deeper in the water, the 6.0 was more consistent and slightly more forgiving, having a bigger sweet spot. Both skis establish and maintain amazing angle off the buoy. First time on each ski, I skied within one buoy score wise. The AM-33 is the first and only ski I have ever run 39 with ZO. Having said that, when the AM-33 wears out, I will be moving to the 6.0 with no reservations. The support from the Mapple Team is unparalled and I strongly urge you to make an appointment to go to his facility if possible. Hope this helps.

One caveat on the AM-33; it is a hollow ski, not foam core like the 6.0. You may gain a slight edge on speed with the hollow core, but at the expense of durability.



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