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KwaZulu-Natal / South Africa


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Hey @mad11 are you in KwaZulu-Natal?


I am looking at the the world wide distribution of readers and there is a odd spike in KwaZulu-Natal. I assume it is your clan.

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@horton Yes, we were there for 2 weeks skiing at Satellite dam. Bailey and Jimmy S. spent time there starting to prep for Australia. An absolutely awesome site with great conditions. Trying to get Super Chicken going again after almost 4 months off. Now were back in Joburg at Ski World Nautique. (which is near my office) Great place and super nice people. Don Shead and his family are a class act so we are grateful to get to ski there.


Special thanks to the Stokes family for treating us so well at Satellite, allowing us to ski at their site, use their home and put hours on their awesome 6L 200 Nautique. They certainly treated us better than we deserved. (No comment @shaneh )


We leave SA for Australia on the Feb 25th with Bailey's new Goode teammate Eamon Van der Merwe. The kid can rip and is loving the new XT Goode sent over with us for him. First the Australia Pro Am at Stoney's on March 1-2, then skiing both Jr and Open Moomba in Slalom and Trick. The girl is keeping us busy. Then back to SA for a month before she returns home to TX May 1 to get ready for the Jr Masters. We certainly miss TX, but people have been treating us great and the family is enjoying the experience. Our sport really provides some great opportunities to meet new people that you wouldn't normally have.


Video I took at Satellite from the back porch. I could only see the last 4 buoys. The place is incredible.



Here is a link to the community website.




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Hey @horton


That would be us! We have a house and ski at the same lake that @mad11 is talking about. Check out the website if anyone is interested www.birdvalleyestate.co.za . Probably the top ski SA in South Africa!


@mad11 - Was great to ski a bit with you guys. Hope to see you back soon!


@JJVDMZN - Look forward to seeing you guys this weekend at the mini league!


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@ski6 thanks man. Sure we will see you soon. Possibly come down in late March or April to ski some. @jjvdmzn Obviously you don't know Horton mentioning free stuff. He actually gave me a free hat last summer for 5 minutes, then took it back to give to Brie Carter. You can see how he is easily swayed. Can't blame him on that one though. If he didn't take it back I would have given her the hat myself.
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