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10 degree air, 33 water


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This past weekend I hit a new personal combined temp low record. Air was 10 degrees with water I suppose around 33.


Calm winds and sun peaking out.











A group of us did the local Polar Plunge in Rochester, MN. Polar Plunge is a fund raiser for Special Olympics in MN. If you haven't done one and there is one around do it!!!! 75 bucks well worth it, a total blast. And no it wasn't that cold, in fact I have been colder skiing early in the spring with a wetsuit on. MN ballers there are a few more scheduled through March so grab the ski buddies and do it.


We went to a local bar that served as a shuttle pickup for the event and had some prejump libations....as did just about every other person who jumped. Talk about a good scene!

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