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Anyone skiing with a (known) hiatal hernia?


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Long story short, I got real sick back in October and after some screwing around, an upper GI revealed a small hiatal hernia and the beginnings of an esophageal ulcer. I have the reflux mostly under control through meds, diet, and elevating the head of my bed. I'm wondering if skiing will be a problem though. It doesn't seem like the type of exercise that would aggravate it, because I don't think it causes upward force on the diaphragm? Can't seem to find much information about it other than to avoid crunches, deadlifts, and pushups. Neither the doctors or the Web seem to have much to say. I know a ton of people have it and it doesn't seem like a life changer other than not going to bed until 3 hours after eating. Just wondering if anyone here is out there tearing it up on a slalom ski with the condition???
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