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Familiar Brand in a Bud Light Ad


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With the Super Bowl just a day away there's no shortage of high dollar ads which are sure to see high exposure. One such ad is a new Bud Light ad where some lucky guy gets a night to remember. See the ad here




Since it's on You Tube, after the original video you can see related videos. So I clicked on "the making of...." the same ad. Check out the shirt the producer/director has on. Random?



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@klindy after sitting through the first video I almost banned you for life. You are darn lucky I figured out what the heck you were talking about.

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Haha. It was subtle but clearly a Mastercraft shirt!


There was another Super Bowl commercial that was "pre-released" on the web this week that included a phone number that didn't start with 555. The guy that called it ended up with two tickets to the Super Bowl! Guess I started looking for Easter eggs after I saw that story!

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