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Cold water skiing => Fix your fundamentals before you get out the wrenches


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So I took about 3 months off skiing. Other stuff in life was taking all my time.


First ride back I went out one line length longer than usual. I felt like crap the whole ride. Second ride back I ran passes at one length longer and my normal starting length. Still felt like crap. I could not arc back in from my off side and I felt like I was in a awkward position across the wakes. This is at line lengths that are easy for me in summer.


At this point I was thinking maybe I need to move my bindings. I had changed skis and maybe I mounted this one up wrong. Maybe the cold water means I needed to change a setting.


Third ride back. I focused on fundamental ski basics and everything was back to normal. In my case it was only a matter of squeezing the handle off the second wake to maintain a better connection longer. (for you it may be something totally different)


The point is: when it is cold or you have not been on the water for a while fix your fundamentals before you get out the wrenches.

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What happens when all we have is cold water........... Columbia River never gets above 60 ish even in the heat of the summer..........


Want to try something interesting? Ski on a private lake that is 80 ish and then take a set on the Columbia River all in the same day. Makes it feel like the first set of the year all over again!

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