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HOT DOG!!!... What's your New Years resolution..starting tomorrow??


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Hot Dog!!!!! What's your New Years resolutions starting tomorrow??


Ski into 39 3-4 times in tournaments

Redo my 18 yr old dock...and at 168' long it may take all yr

Lose 10lbs (hate this one)

Up my cardio endurance (hate this one more)

Increase flexibility

Meet more Ballers this year then last.

Keep my Atlanta ProAm title.

Win at States

Place at Regionals

Ski with the Big Dawgs (and not the kind below although that would be easier)

Hope for a cheep flights/hotels for Nats or a driving buddy and room mate to split cost.

Have as much damn fun skiing as I possibly can!!

And thank the Lord daily for any of the above that come true.


Great counter rotation on this guy by the way




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1. Run 28 off

2. Lose 40 pounds, thereby facilitating number 1

3. Buy a new boat

4. Build my new business to the point that I can be a regular smart ass on this site

5. Go and visit and ski with 10 of my favorite ballers throughout the Country

6. Only piss @Horton off 17 times

7. Find 3 new wives to add to the collection

8. And finally, world peace!

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