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New Nano XT setting - need help


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My wife got a new Nano XT for Christmas: LFF, stock fin setting, Boot at 29 1/8. She has had 4 sets on it 2 at stock wing 9.5 and 2 at 10. Her off side is amazing but the onside just doesn't turn (She will fall over or get a major hit).


She runs into 38. She has been on a Nano One, and was hoping for a better onside with the XT. She has made a couple of 35s on the ski but not pretty.


Looking for some holiday help.


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Here's some more food for thought @evolski. I've found the XT to be very sensitive to binding position; my sweet spot (with stock fin settings) is right between two mounting holes. Plus, there are a number of variables inherent to measuring binding position like the type of bindings themselves, shell thickness, liner thickness, heal shape, etc.


29⅛" may be quite close to ideal, or it could be way out. From your description of your wife's skiing, it sounds too far forward by more than ¼". Start at the factory recommended 28⅞", measuring from somewhere on her binding that is about ¼" behind the actual heal of her foot, then get her to try skiing with it further back or forward from there before changing anything else away from factory spec.

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Thank you for all the feed back. We made modifications and a couple more sets. She made back to back 35s.

Additional information: Venom rubber boots, LFF, and skis with back foot pressure - hence liking boot forward.

Current setup

Measure back of front boot from rubber right behind heel.


Using Jaws with dial calipers.

Gave some tip and reduced DFT 6.730, .690, 10, 2.494.

Will try moving boots back 1 more whole. (should be interesting).

Thanks again



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