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ECM and ZO convert 2008 Malibu Response


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Hey Guys,


Looking at converting a 2008 DBW Malibu Response 320hp.

Never done the conversion before so looking for a little help. Im trying to find the eControls ECM that I need in order to install ZO as currently a MEFI, but have no idea where to buy this from and what price.

The other question is do I require any additional harnesses to complete this conversion?


Failing this its an upgrade to stargazer and Zbox.


Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks


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  • Baller

I can attest that @Doug is the expert on these Malibu ZO conversions. He did my 2007 Response LXI in mid June 2013. Smooth as silk.


As the only ZO boat on my lake along with a half dozen fantastic Nautiques with PP, my boat seems to be very popular on Fridays before tournaments.

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