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need help with a waterproof subwoofer box


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I want to put some new subs in my mastercraft because the ones in it now are falling apart. (well the wood/carpet box is rotting and coming apart...subs are fine)


Anyways I found this company that makes solid clear acrylic sub boxes.




Has anyone ever used an acrylic sub box?

- How do they sound?

- How durable are they?

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TRUST me on this I did car audio for years: Get Waxed concrete tube from Home Depot/Lowes etc that will fit your sub +2" all the way around. Use the tube to trace a plywood end plate to mount your speaker and to section it in the middle if you use one on each end of one large tube. Paint end peices after fit to speaker. Silicon glue them in place and shoot dry wall screws in from the outside. Then use construction adhesive caulk to glue high grade marine carpet to cover the tube and make some wooden feet to keep it from rolling if it is to be placed horizontally. Run your wires and mount your speakers. Be sure to port tube to speaker manufacturers specs some don't port. THUNDER BASS in little space.....
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