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Ok slalom geeks! What did you learn in 2013?


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I was just reading this and realized how right @thager is...I will forget everything I learned by next month. This being the culmination of my first season skiing buoys, I think I am going to write it all I learned down and throw it in my ski bag, so I'll hopefully start off with good habits next year.


My list of things I learned this year, that I want to remember for next year:

- Stacked Position at all times.

- Offside Cut, focus on facing the boat, read the back of the boat if necessary.

- No 'Gay Rodeo' turns allowed, (keep trailing arm in turn at hip).

- Wait to come back to the handle (especially offside turn). Ski should cross rope line.

- Don't blow a pass before you even get to the gates.

- Progressive pull thru the gates.

- Make six turns (whether you are making the buoys or not).

- Smile

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