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Powershell/G10 gatormod


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I'm building a Velcro version of the gatormod for one of the ballers. Design is done in my head, and I'm about to start cutting metal. Part of the design allows the plate to continue to flex with the ski, which is what has caused me to have to think about it for awhile. The two cords that "y ed" around your back ankle are replaced with one, so you don't have to be concentrating as you put the binding on. The dog collar knee band is replaced with elastic strap that slips on instead of buckles. The hardware is aluminum and drilled out for weight reduction. It'll require that you drill six 1/8 inch holes in the perimeter of your plate. Bolt it on and you are ready to ski.


You'll be able to run powershells or any other double boots you want to bolt to the plate.


Anybody got any other suggestions on things I missed before I head down to the basement and start hacking?

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