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FOR SALE: Ski Centurion Warrior Barefooting Boat


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1989. Red. 19'. Also great for slalom skiing and learning to ski due to the low wake.


'89 Yamaha V6 Excel 225hp 2 stroke series tilt/trim outboard motor (pulls a 250lb man @45mph)

'89 Chariot 22' trailer

Tournament ski pylon

Spare interior seats

1,007 hours on it. Fresh Water use only.

Kept in a covered boat lift so no fading.

Can no longer ski so have to sell it. Get a lotta boat for very little $$!

$5900 OBRO e-mail darylmottice@yahoo.com fmi or to make an offer

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  • Baller

@wish and @horton wow cool I almost shed a tear at those pics. Looks a lot like our first "real" ski boat after having outboard speed boats growing up...our Warrior was a deeper red. At 36 mph in Men's 1 I've been into 35 off hand timed by my Dad behind this model boat.


This was when MC 190's were pushing 240 hp and hand timed as well...it held up pretty well by comparison and was superior for longer lines. Also a riot to drive, a great barefoot boat and the tracking believe it or not was amazing.


It's no slalom boat by today's standards, but hell of a boat in it's day. Flat wake (even for kids at long line), great tracking, zero spray. Today great recreational slalom and barefoot boat that goes like hell and looks the part. For the right buyer...lots of boat for the money. Get ready to be the conversation piece at every gas station and on every lake.

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Awesome boat. I flipped that exact same boat on Lake Conroe in college. Not an optimal rough water hull but it would get up and run. Crazy experience sitting in the lake wondering what happened holding on to a floating cushion. I really don't know what happened. Running about 35mph, gentle right turn, boat skipped sideways and I was swimming
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