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I am not sure, I would be laughing !

Stevie Boy

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Having skied in several lakes where gators thrived, I can appreciate this prank!

At one of those places, one time there were about five 7-8 footers lurking near the far end drop zone. I told my partner I would just spin and run two passes at a time. He pounced on me for being scared of a few lil gators (he had not seen them). When it was his turn, he said he would drop. As he pulled out he saw all the large gator heads looking at him as he slowed down to drop. He started yelling at me to keep going. I didn't. He sunk into the water and immediately started screaming for me to get him back up on the water - which I did as the gators heads went under the water. He still pokes at me about this one.

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I was up at Harry Price's lake in Chicago testing cruise control back in the 80's. First time at lake, don't know Harry. Harry shows me skeleton head of tiger muskie he put in lake to control sunfish population. Thing could have easily got my foot in its mouth, and teeth were about half my thumb long. Dead one was "the smallest of the 35 I put in here" according to Harry.


Then down to the dock, Harry starts slapping the water. Monster catfish comes to the surface, Harry feeds it some breadballs. Its head was about the size of a basketball, and it had long multiple white stripes running from its dorsal to its whiskers. Harry tells me nonchalantly "ya, a muskie tried to eat him, couldn't choke him down. He got infected, I had to give him penicillin in his bread balls for a week, infection left those big scars on him.


I bolt all my sensors and actuators on his boat, time to test it. Not super pumped to get in the water with all those big predators. But.


Get to 2 ball, boat stops. Harry lifts the motor cover and starts muttering and futzing with it. I'm in the water thinking about those damn muskie with mouths big enough to almost swallow a basketball sized catfish head.


WHAM! something hits me in the back my leg and starts chewing on me. I made the guy in the video look calm. Harry and Ardis thought it was a riot.


Turns out this was a set play for Harry and there was a bunch of nesting bass by two ball that got territorial during breeding season that could be counted on to scare the crap out of guys like me.


I never got Harry or his wife back. By that time they were the revered old timers of the Midwest region and I could never figure out how to get them.

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