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BallOfSpray T-Shirts and Hats by New City


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I need a new vendor. It has been a low priority with everything else I have going on. I will get on it one of these days.

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MasterCraft ★ MasterLine ★ PerfSki ★ Radar ★ Rodics Innovation 

Reflex ★ S Lines ★ Stokes

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There's some cool ass shirts on this new city link...same one @scotchipman posted above.




Hats can be kinda personal...I know my traditional hat has people at tourney's recognizing me from a great distance. A few wider brimmed hats with better sun protection would be good additions...maybe a more traditional wider brimmed hat for the, um, mature ballers looking for max protection and offerings that are "cooler" and some really "sick" stuff for the younger crew. Let's be inclusive!


I like boonie style hats due to versatility. Can wear 'em sides up, sides down for more protection, strap can be helpful in big wind. Wouldn't have to be military print (though mine is--goes with the buzzed haircut : )




I also live where much of the year it's friggin cold outside Mr. Bigglesworth, so a black winter beannie with BOS logos on there would be nice. @gjohnson rocks a fedora at tourneys quite well...there is probably a way to make that work, too. So many options.


@horton good to give new city the freedom to create as they likely have the pulse of their intended market. May need to expand their offerings, however, given the diversity of the baller market from @OB's poor M1-2 skiers to the perhaps more affluent...um...old dudes (I'm one of the old dudes still looking for age appropriate cool factor).



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@scotchipman‌, I have two of those hats, a quicksilver just like that one and an old Liquid Force hat. I have one or the other on my bald head whenever I'm in the boat. They are awesome. Another vote here for a BOS one of those!
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