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HO A3 65 or 66 ?


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I started the ski this year in June, i would like to take a 2014 A3, i'm currently running at 28 and 15'off , but i progress fast...

145 lbs for 5.5 foots - i'm on a S2 65.5

On the HO website it's written 66 between 130 and 160 lbs, but will have a difference if i take it in 65 ?

I should take it in 65 or 66 ?


Many thanks

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Frankly I am not sure why you are changing skis right now. For where you are in your progression the S2 is a good fit. I would ride it for another year then think about a new ski I don't think the A3 will help you progress because it is going to be a little less forgiving at slower speeds due to being narrower.


When my son was about 145 lbs and running from 28 mph up to 22 off at 34 mph I put him on a 66.5" A2 which has taken him to about 5'7 and 160. If I had him on an S2 at the time I wouldn't have switched but he was on something older and beat up.

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