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Any slalom coaching is welcome.


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In your gate and through out the course you maintain a shoulders in front of hips position (i do too) ideally you want your hips and your shoulders to be in line with your feet, you want to be balenced over the ski with your hips up to meet the handle. notice chris parrish in his gate pull out and nate smith in his wake crossing. Both are centered over their feet.


Two things I have found to help me "get my hips up" are straightenn my back leg a little (dont lock it, but enough to push your body forward) and lock my elbows to my vest ALL THE TIME except when im extending out for the turn (keep contact in lean across the wake, in the edge change and when you are coming back around to complete the turn, keep elbows on vest!)


Hope this helps some i too am a 15 off skier


What speed was that?!



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