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Hooking up leveraged on the offside


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After a long time of getting 'your onside turn looks great, But your offside looks like a hunch back' feedback, I am finally getting it.

What helped it click was yesterday one of the more veteran skiers at Sunspray lake said 'when you ski back to the handle hook up already leaned back into the leverage position.

So 1) Coming off 2 hands on the handle later with an open chest following an efficient pull across the wake

2) Letting the ski finish the turn without dipping my shoulders and,

3) Hooking up in the proper lean.


The more veteran guys at Sunspray can make mistakes and still correct it by getting back into position but because I never perfected the offside pull it is impossible for me to reverse once hunched. Not being patient and bring the handle to me rather than skiing to it causes me to contract down, flexed biceps and trunk as a perceived place a stability instead of leveraged. Once there I unlike the veterans cannot reverse it to the correct position. Two things resulted from the above 3 things happening; my back is not sore, and I hooked up with a much better offside leverage skiing 32mph making 4 passes in a row! The increased speed actually felt good. I want to dial it at that speed then start thinking about 34mph!!!!!! Thoughts?


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