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HO Syndicate A3 review


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d42a238701d162d0889fab39d2ac9e.jpgThe HO A3 is the third generation of HO's "Angle" series. The original theme of the "A" skis emphasized angle over speed. The A3 breaks with this theme by generating substantial speed and angle. The result is the most aggressive slalom ski to ever come from HO. Skiers at all levels may find success on this ski, but those with an extra measure of technical skill will be rewarded with something more.

The A3 is one the best ski tested to date in terms of getting a few more balls after a major skier mistake. When the skier has thrown caution to the wind in pursuit of one or two more balls, the A3 does not disappoint.

Off Side

The A3 delivers an explosive Off Side turn. More than most skis on the market today, the A3 requires that the skier move their weight forward of center early in the pre turn and that they keep their shoulders level. Skiers who can do this will find that the A3 initiates the arc back to the inside early and then finishes the turn quickly with amazing angle. Skiers who approach the off side with less front foot pressure will find the ski changes direction more abruptly.

On Side

On side turns on the A3 are not as distinct as the off side turns. Skiers who approach the on side with weight forward will find smooth and fast turns. Skiers who have ride farther back into on side will find a smooth but less radical on side turn.


From the wake to the ball

Through the edge change and out to the ball line, A3 is comfortable underfoot. The ski is stable enough to impart confidence and allow the skier to adjust their stance approaching the ball. Width is achieved without exceptional technique or effort.


Personally, I only run 38 off occasionally. I ran more 38s on the A3 than any other ski ever reviewed but I also found my skiing to be not as smooth and consistent as I would prefer. To ride this ski smoothly requires a calm and skilled skier. Once you reach your hardest pass, the A3 may be the ticket to the one or two that balls you usually can't reach.

For skiers working at less demanding passes the A3 is much more user friendly. I loaned the test A3 to a friend who had only run 28 off once in this life. He ran 28 his first ride on the A3. The aggressive nature of the A3 may give skiers at 15 to 28 off the kind of angle that is generally not experienced until 32 off or shorter.


The 2014 A3 is very sensitive ski in terms of fin and binding set up.

The metal flake in the red looks awesome in the sunlight.


The above photo is 6 ball at 38 off at Banana Lakes

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Yes I rode the 14 ski. Honestly I do not know what all that texture does. I theory it could be faster. I can say the ski is not slow.

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A 34 MPH skier at our lake (19 year old) skiing into 32 off said the ski is less fatiguing than the 2013 A3 version. I am using a 2014 A3 (15 off 33 MPH) and it does not feel as though it takes as much effort as the A1 I was on previously. I am still messing with the fin settings and boot set-up to find what works best for me. I can definitely say the deep water starts are easier than the A1 :).
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