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The Raptor Gizmo Thingy


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  • Baller

Has anyone tried this gizmo? raptorwaterski.com





What to expect when skiing with Raptor SFE: the initial feeling is that the ski feels more aggressive during edge change building speed and angle much more quickly to the closing of the turn and back side of the ball. This can cause some hesitation on the part of the skier - don't let it distract you - ski through it. The Raptor SFE is designed for this purpose. You must adapt to the quicker response of the ski. Within 3 to 4 sets you will feel very comfortable and really be able to feel the ski to maximize results. If you wish additional technical or instructional support please contact us - Enjoy!
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  • Baller_
Well, I made one. Hate the idea of spending cash on something I can make and for sure on something that has little explanation behind it as to how it works. It's not to speck. But Im gonna bet the leading edge is damn close. I placed it only on my off side/left side of ski. No need for my onside to come around any sooner or any faster. It does make a difference. When riding flat and straight, you can look down and see the water break away from the ski behind it. It leaves a little trough behind it along the edge of the ski. Have not heard word one as to what exactly it's supposed to do and exactly how it does it so just a theory here. I think it disturbs and redirects the water from it all along the edge to the rear of the ski. It exposes that edge of the ski. On my off side going to 135 RFF its on the inside edge. I'm guessing this allows a little more tail swing around the ball without losing speed. Kinda like drifting in a car. Total guess though. I've just recently set it closer to the ski. I have two thickness gauges that I made and use. Placed it back to a single thickness and like it better so far. The real test would be to take it off and see. I've used it all season and cant remember exactly what it was like before it. I do remember getting the S2 to slow down on my 135 was a pain. It is not anymore and my off side as of late is better then my onside. I did not think a 38 was possible in the spring and non were run last season on the S2. I've cleared 4 full passes and been stupid close countless times. I have a tournament this weekend. After that, I will take it off and give it a go and report back. But all that being said, Id REALLY like the developer or TW to explain the concept/theory behind it. To say it just works to me does not sell them.
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no I do not use it.


it does what it claims but I do not need more angle I need more control.


Also since I am always reviewing skis I can't use something that drastic

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