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AWSA Rules Change Process and Requests Due 31Aug


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There has been a lot of good discussion about ideas for rules changes. We are very lucky to have BOS as a way to collaborate and sort out issues and ideas for our sport in an open forum. Some improved understanding of the status quo has resulted and some great ideas for changes have come from these discussions. Regardless of the popular opinions and well documented comments that might appear in a BOS thread, they do nothing unless they are formally submitted for official consideration. Below is the process and documents needed to make a formal recommendation for rules changes for the upcoming ski year.


Rules change requests/suggestions are due August 31st for consideration in the upcoming ski year rule book.




Complete a Rule Change Request Form:

Instructions: In order to request that the rules be amended you must be a U.S. Citizen and a current member of USA Water Ski with AWSA listed as your primary sports division. This form must be submitted in electronic format to the Chairman of the Rules Committee by August 31st to be considered for the upcoming year.


Ideally in your change proposal, reference the exact current rule and provide recommended new text.

Rule book:



Link to the Form:



Rules Committee Contacts:

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