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Kudos to Mapple


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What other ski company can you email the owner/chief designer/HMFIC and get a response back within hours? My main ski partner, Charles, has been on my Mapple 6.0 the last two weeks at stock settings . He was having big trouble at 38. Coming into the buoy the line was tight, but exiting lost line tension. Last night we filmed some hi-res video and I emailed Andy a link this morning at 8:05. By 8:30 Andy had emailed back new fin settings based on the style he saw in the video. Put em on the ski and Charles went back out. He went from struggling to get through 2@38 the last two weeks to running STRONG back to back to back 38s and coming back to the dock saying "I can run 39s next set" after nothing more than a fin setting change via one video. No doubt that Charles is a really good skier. The point is it was one video, Andy replied in minutes, and he was able to see something and give us a recommendation. That worked!
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