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Give me some advice!


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Hey Ballers,


Here is video of a 15 off, 32 mph (I think) pass. I just started skiing the course last year after open water skiing for 20ish years. I don't get a ton of time in the course and want to make the most of the time I do have. I hope to ski a course this weekend. So, give me advice and maybe tell me something I'm doing right...hopefully, there is something.


Ok, well have fun! Thanks.





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  • Baller


You and I both started course skiing last year. I'm in the same boat! Here are a few things that helped me alot, a d I think they could do something for you too!


On your pull out you look like you Are "pulling" away from the boat. Instead drop your hips away from the boat and lean against it. It will set you up more efficiently and effectively for entire pass.


It looks to me like you are pulling all the way out to the buoy then cranking the turn. Try to generate more speed into the wake and get on your turning edge a little sooner and let your ski arc around the turn.


When going through the wakes your knees are bending, try not to let the wake push your knees but try to keep your legs static, that will make the ski slice through the wake and get you out to the ball with little effort.


All it all it looks really good! And I hope some of this helps


-Bryan Bailey

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