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Pacific NW Ballers, the Broho Wednesday and Broho Saturday tournaments are next week


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I reached out to @richarddoane to see if there was an opportunity to ski while I was in Seattle for few days for work. So yesterday afternoon I swung by Richard's place near Sea-Tac, First on the agenda was a trip to the local waterski shop so he could finish setting up a trick ski, I have used Wiley bindings for years but never met the folks or visited the store to that alone was a treat for me! Man they can pack a lot of stuff (new and old!) into a relatively small space!


Once Richard headed back to work for a bit, I migrated south towards Broho, mostly sightseeing along the way. Once I got to Broho I met @robscholl-OF and Dee who were trading time skiing and getting the last of the chores done before the tournaments this Wednesday and Saturday. I'm still not sure what really needed to be done since the place looked fantastic to me!


My first set was basically a disaster and I'm not sure if it was the distraction of how nice the place is or the nearly 20 degree colder water but it really didn't matter, it was great to get wet! Richard finally showed up and after a few more chores to get things ready and getting his new Radar Vapor ready to go he headed to the dock. For those of you who have never met Richard, he's got more energy than a caffenated toddler eating cotton candy!! Seriously solid skier and he ran 6 or so passes without missing a buoy or falling! The Vapor looks great on Richard and he will look great on the Vapor as soon as he replaces the pink shorts with a green pair!!


A little later his second set the goal was back to back 28, 32 and 35 with spinning on the far end. Our side bet in the boat was that he couldn't do it and ultimately we would have won the bet. However he never missed a beat at 28 or 32. Once at 35 the second pass ended at 3-1/2. This guy's a beast on a slalom ski!!!


After we pulled the boat and cleaned up a bit it was nearly sunset and they got me pointed the direction towards my meeting. About 5 miles up the road I caught view of Mount Ranier in the mirror. Awesome sight to end an awesome day!! Easily one of the top 5 ski sites I've seen or skied!!!


Thanks to @richarddoane, @robscholl-OF and everyone at Broho!! See you again soon!


If you've got a chance to ski Wednesday or Saturday, get to Broho!

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