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Intro from a newbie to BOS, and goodbye to a old friend (my first slalom ski)


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I just thought I would use this post as an intro and to say how much I love water skiing (and most water based sports)


I have been water skiing since 1998, I was 8or9 years old, and we had a beautiful 1994 purple Super Sport Nautique. All was good fun and a quickly progressed to slalom, took classes, went to camp. Fall 2005, parents divorce, boat is sold and I only got 1 season on my, then brand new, O'Brien Siege. I was heart broken. The boat, the water and skiing always made me feel great. I always wanted to go another round, always wanted to push the limit. For 3 years I was "deprived" (need a better word for that) of skiing. my friends had boats, but nothing like a Nautique. I probably skied 4 times during those 3.5 seasons without a boat.


Fast forward to 2007, last summer before university. My dad, and his now wife, decide to buy a nautique SV211. But thats the quick story. My dad started renting a house on Silver Lake, Michigan, that winter. In the fall he invited us to his house one weekend because he had rented a boat for the day. Brought my ski, which was now home to several spiders and I knew I had to make the day worth it. Got out on the lake, skied like shit, but the love was still there. I was sore and could barely make it through my swim practices the week after i skied so many times that day. Anyways the day comes to a close, and surprise, my dad and step mom say that its not a rental, its ours!! Words could not describe how I felt. We put over 100 hours on the boat in about 3 months.


Fast forward again to this year. In short, I reached the limit of my ski 2 weeks ago. I have been looking to upgrade for a couple of years now, but I knew that I had to reach beyond the limit of my ski to upgrade. It really motivated me. I spent a long time finding a sweet setup for the boots and fin. Stuck gopro's on the front and back of my ski, making sure to film every run. Lost a gopro in the process as well. And finally, 2 weeks ago, I reached the limit. I now needed something more than an almost 10 year old intermediate ski. So this week, I will be receiving a new (never used) Radar MPD, some RS1 boots and plate. I feel like its going to be the start of another great relationship that will force me to continue to build and develop my skills.


I have seen so much improvement this year in my skiing that I am looking at ways to get out to the lake more often. Lake orion doesn't have a slalom course, has lots of tubers, and too many boats. If your in southeast michigan and ever need a 3rd person, let me know!




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