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Yesterday had to be a highlight for my ski season! When two of my sister's families came to town, we took them to the ski lake to relax/hang out for a while and get in some skiing. We had just gotten a platform trainer from Overton's on Saturday and wanted to use it while they were in town. Two nephews and two neice's (age range from 4-7 yo) were able to use it (none of them had waterskied before) and there was 100% success. Wait - 100% success AND ENTHUSIASM for skiing. One of my neice's was jumping up and down on the dock with excitement at how she had gotten to waterski. (She is not prone to such enthusiasm, and that alone made me smile) After everyone had skied once (three of them took two sets) they were all upping the ante by saying they were going to be better than the other, and eventually better than my wife and I. I hope they do. I think they caught the bug - my nephew said he was going to save his money so he could buy a ski! (Pure music to my ears) My parents were even involved, who really deserve the credit because they are the ones who introduced us to the sport and took us to the river and put up with us kids (my three sisters and I) while we skied for miles on the river. Great to see three generations of skiers together on the water! Future ballers on the horizon? I hope so. LET's SKI!!
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