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Ho Co-efficient xsl setup 67"

Stevie Boy

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Factory numbers seem to give the HO co efficient superlite x 57" loads of tip, slow into one ball, biting at the wake.

Factory numbers Boots=29 1/2" Length=6.880 DFT=.750 Depth 2.490 wing 7 degrees.

Have they changed anything since Hortons Review has anybody got any other numbers ?


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I just looked at my records when I rode CoXsl (2011). Last entry had statements of "easy 35s and 4@38" Those numbers were:






caveat- I ran an oversized wing at 7 with home made hard shells boots ...so take it with a grain of salt

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Just cannot believe it, Co-efficient Superlite X felt rubbish on stock numbers, amazed they sell any at all, if somebody demos them on Factory numbers.


@horton, your numbers are good, totally different ski, could not believe the difference. almost magical.


@horton stated

" With the fin set for better carry out, I found the ski to be a little sticky on my short gate (RFF).

With the fin back .02, the ski sweeps through a short gate better, but the radical carryout is slightly diminished"


2.517 Depth / 6.854 Length Tips / .781 DFT

To improve short gate DFT moved to .760


I am running Depth 2.515/ 6.854 Length / DFT .780


@horton many thanks !

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Thought I'd dig up an old thread instead of starting a new one. I have the above ski (2013 cx sl- red colored tip with some white then a black tail) and was just looking at the factory fin settings on the ho website for the latest 2014 cx sl and they are the same as what was listed in the first post. Does anyone know what the go there is? I thought there would be some change between the two models.



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