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Buying New Ski: Quest or X7


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Time to retire my old HO Monza. Want new tech and tired of having my kid's skis being way better than mine!


I'm a 34 mph skier, 28 off ish. I'd like to try a D3 ski next.


Question. Pick up a lightly used X7 (2011, 2012, or 2013) or go big and get a brand new Quest? From what I'm reading the Quest is quite a different ski than the X7.


Another question, is the 2011, 12, and 13 X7 essentially the same ski with different graphics?


Final thought. Because I've got 3 kids about to enter college I only get a new ski about every 4/5 years. So want to make the right call.




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Try all of the new model skis if possible. I got a Quest in late May and am at the point where I can't blame the ski for all my goof ups. This thing is extremely forgiving and is not as tiring as others I have been on. I liked my old D3 X5 but I love my Quest.........setup is important.....
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