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What is in your bag 2013?


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Connelly Prophecy 67" / Radar Strada boots (custom Baller plate)

US Gear Pro V OCS Radius Handle

Camaro Impact vest

Radar Boa gloves

Oakley trunks and rash guard

Bomber floating safety classes - clear

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  • Baller

66.75 Mapple 6.0 - thanks to OB

D3 T-factory boots front and rear - and Shaving Cream to put boot on

Camaro impact Vest

US Gear Pro V 13" Radius Handle - love it

41tall gloves with Kevlar liners


Just need to find more time to use it all!

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  • Baller

65.25" Nano One

Radar Strada bindings on separate plates

13" MasterLine Custom radiused handle

MasterLine Pro mainline (not the sometimes annoying knotless version ... happy wife = happy life)

Radar Strada Boa gloves

O'Neill Technobutter vest

O'Neill Hyperfreak 1.5mm neo top

Bomber floating safety glasses (smoke/mirrored for sun and yellow for overcast)

Wakeye pylon camera mount

GoPro Hero II (on 1080 narrow)

Fin tool kit

Muscle Stick

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  • Baller

You'd think I was sponsored or knew someone who was but I've tried a lot of stuff and been happiest with the following:


2012 Radar Strada

Radar BOA gloves w/Overtons palm protectors

Radar decibel vest

Reflex front boot with Radar RTP

Proline radius elliptical handle

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  • Baller

65" Connelly Prophecy

Reflex & Radar Rubber RTP

ML 12" .940 handle & ML Knotless Slide Loop Mainline

Eagle 1 Vest & Eagle Freeflex Tank

ProGear gloves & soap

Tool kit

Safety glasses: clear & yellow for rainy days

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  • Baller

Goode Nano One 65.25"

Power Shell 5

Intuition Liners

Goode Power Grip Gloves

SL Palm Savers

Eagle Vest

O'Neil Hybrid Dry Suit (Columbia River Necessity)

Goode Handle

Accurate Knot-less Main Line


Wife's Wedding Rings While She Takes a Set!!!!!! - PRICELESS!

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Goode 66" 9960 Wide Ride

Power Shell 5

Intuition Liners

Eagle "Ball of Spray" vest

Masterline K-Palm gloves

12" 1.00 ML handle and ML Pro main line

44" KD 5000 Trick Ski with Wiley Trick Wrap binding

ML trick handle and rope

O'neill shorty wetsuit

90" Goodnan jumpers with Wiley Pro Jump bindings

Intensity jump suit


Hydrogen Helmet

A really cool "Utopia River Ranch" towel


All the slalom and trick items travel with me virtually every week somewhere in a Sport Tube hard case


Usually have a Topcon Theodolite EDM and tripod and other assorted video cameras, connectors and other TC stuff close by.


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  • Baller
@buski I LOVE my Technobutter vest. It's easy to put on and remove, it has padding down the sides for a little rib protection, it's a little longer than most, it's not at all restrictive, and the flotation is fine. It even makes me look like I have the abs of a Spartan!
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  • Baller

67 D3 Double Tfactor boots

Spare Tfactor (front)

D3 CX Trick

In Tow handle & Rope

Kidney Belt

Oneil Vest / D3 Vest

Masterline Kevlar Gloves

Long Sleeve 1m Rip Curl Rashy

Spare freestyler handle (for stretching)

Some Tools






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HO A-1 (several incidents of expoxy to hold it together)

Wiley bindings

HO 41 Tail Gloves

@skibug manufactured palm pads (sweet pads, best off the market)

Grainger kevlar liners

In Tow handle with custom gorrila tape handle guard and In Tow rope

Columbia brand board shorts on sale from Target

Special Edition Coble Ski School Eagle vest

El Cheapo brand dish soap diluted 50/50 for easy entry to Wiley bindings

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  • Baller

1. 2012 68" Prophecy – FB 29.75, 6.840, 2.499, 0.771, 7°

2. (2) FM E-Series Right FB and (3) custom RTP w/Dakine Heal Stap - 2 are mounted on D3 hole pattern; 1 mounted on O'Brien/HO hole pattern

3. (2) Intuition Pro Cuff liners

4. (4) pairs of Masterline ProLocks, (4) pairs of Radar Vice, - all custom modified with slightly shortened strap, reinforced stitching at the strap to wrist connection, and dowel removed

5. Homemade Palm Savers – Thank You Straightline!! for the motivation to make my own!!

6. Kevlar Liners

7. (2) Eagle Front Zip Vests – 1 Malibu Design, 1 Ball of Spray Design

8. US Gear Rope

9. (2) 13” x 1” Dia. US Gear Gordon Rathbun Series Handles – 1 bent, 1 straight

10. Full tool bag with lots of screws nuts, washers, etc….calipers & adjustment tools


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  • Baller

2012 67" Radar Senate-C

2013 Radar Stratas on Sequence Plate

MasterLine Carbon Custom 1.000 13" handle with "PULL HERE~T.Friess

Masterline Knotless Mainline

HO 41 Tails Size Large

HO Point vest size Medium

HO Syndicate Bag

Hurley Phantom boardshorts size 32

Reef Fannings size 11


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  • Baller

Inside my goode bag:

Goode 9900 Left 66.5"

(Backup) goode 9100 65"

Reflex front, RTP rear

HO 41 tail gloves

Accurate 41 tail handle (13")

Camaro neoprene shorts

Mallet and wooden block for hammering.

Tape measure for measuring fin.


Also for fun have an old EP trick ski with a 404 reflex on it.

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  • Baller

Goode 9800SL right 66.5

(Backup) Goode 9800 65.75

Radar Strada boots, right foot forward on G10 plate

Accurate World Cup gloves

Masterline handle 13 inch x 1.00 inch

Oakley board shorts

Eagle vest

freezer full of ice packs (just in case)

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Orange 67" RadaR Strada

Double custom built Wiley boots

InTow rope

RadaR 13" eliptical handle

41 Tail gloves

Multiple pairs of Oakley and Fox trunks

Black, Blue, and Lime Eagle vests (Gotta match the trunks)

Snap On srcew driver

Extra Fin

Extra screws and washers

Duct Tape and Mole skin



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  • Baller

White Dodge Ramcharger

Felt Resistol Hat

Three Fists

Infinite supply of roundhouse kicks

Total Gym Home Gym

Christi Brinkley from Home Gym Infomercial

44 Mag Smith Model 629

Texas Ranger Badge

Just For Men Beard Color - for my friend

All 7 buoys I ran at 43 off. Yes 7





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  • Industry Professional

65.5" Syndicate A2 with a front Apex

42" Kidder Redline Pro with a Reflex

86" D3 Nightmares with Wileys


HO 41 Tail Gloves

Masterline Palm Protectors

Masterline Jump Sling


HO Point vest

Body Glove Nightmare Jump Suit


12" .940 Masterline Custom Slalom Handle & rope

10" .940 Masterline Jump Handle & rope

13" .940 Masterline Trick Handle & rope


Large Hydrogen Jump helmet


and a screwdriver


MasterCraft - Still the Leader. And Pulling Farther Ahead.

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@gregy it is the next test ski. After only 2 rides I have no comment except "it does not suck"
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  • Baller
Really? We've gone full circle back to the texturing thing of the 70's? Who's going to bring back the Piezo electric dampening thingy, or the power sticks? Sheesssh!!! Marketing, who knew? " Buy our ski it does not suck."
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