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Well...I Guess I'm Not Jesus


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I thought some of you might be interested in lending your support to a fellow skier trying to do something positive. Watch this video and see his comments below...






I know many of you but for those of you who do not know me my name is Adam Helbling and I used to ski in three event tournaments every summer from 2008 to 2011.


My greatest passion was always slalom skiing but I also served as captain of the Ohio State Waterski Team. I worked very hard to build up the team and in my final season my dream came true when we won the Division II National Championship in the fall of 2010. Little did I know that that would be the last time that I would ever ski competitively.


In January 2011 I was in a very serious car accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down. Waterskiing was my life and it was all I knew. During those first two years I could not even stand being by a body of water. It would bring tears to my eyes.


Recently I gave a speech at the Junior US Open for Waterskiing in Cincinnati. It was my first time being around slalom skiing since my accident which was my true love. It actually gave me motivation to get back out on the water and try something. I really enjoyed watching and realized that I could no longer separate myself from waterskiing.


So this past week I went to the Clarion River in Pennsylvania with my family where we would go every weekend when I used to ski. I got over my fear of water and decided to try keyboarding even though I only have the use of my right hand. I went tubing and I even got to drive the boat up and down the river. I was so happy to be able to coach people slalom skiing even though it has been so long. I even taught a few people how to ski for the first time. I really enjoyed myself and I cannot wait to go back. I plan to attend many three event tournament this summer.


Since my accident I came back to Ohio State and finished my degree in civil engineering. I have given motivational speeches around 40 to 50 times in the last year to audiences ranging from fourth-graders to scientists that study spinal cord injuries.


I also started a blog at AdamHelbling.com

where I share my story of dealing with bipolar disorder and my spinal cord injury. I also recently finished a book that I am working on getting published which is why I am looking for your support.


Please take five minutes to watch this video and hopefully you can donate to help my cause. There are several incentives to donate and one of them is for me to come and speak at your business or school or wherever. I would love the opportunity to come and speak somewhere!


I have found a new passion in writing and in public speaking that fills the void that waterskiing left. I'm incredibly happy these days and have long since accepted my disability.


Please take five minutes to check out this video:



Please share this link with your network and anyone that you know that could help. Thank you so much for your time!


Thanks again!


Adam Helbling

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