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Above and beyond!


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  • Baller

HUGE thanks to Bruce at Fin Firkin!!!


If you have a "neo sleeve" for your slalom ski, you know there really aren't any good options to still protect the fin from movement. I reached out to Bruce and he took the time to custom make one to fit OVER the sleeve on the end of my ski! He said, "If you like it, keep it and send me $20. If you don't like it, don't worry about it." Talk about above and beyond!!!


I HIGHLY recommend the Fin Firkin!! Great product and great company! Support them!

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  • Baller_
I've used this fin protector for yrs now and can't imagine a better one. Other fin protectors use the fin itself as an attachment point and or the protector rests on the fin in some way. Nothing touches the fin using the FinFirkin accept air. I use a neo sleeve for my ski and place the protector on the inside making the sleeve not fit well. This is a great idea and I'll order one soon. There's gotta be a story behind the name though.
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