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Trick Ski Size - For a Lady


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Beginners - should they still just go on a 43-44" for learning, or obey the size chart from the mfg?


I went 44 on my d3 even though I weight 175, but don't regret it. At 135 and tall would you go up a size or 2 from the chart? Like a 42 even if that is 130-170?


I don't have local trickers to pester on this stuff.

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Beginners should use a slightly larger ski than what is usually recommended by ski manufacturers. Larger ski will be a little more stable and you can keep boat speed slower. Ski size is dependent on weight and by ability and even age. 135 lbs should be at least 42". If they are very beginner, it's very likely 43 or even 44 might help. If they are over 50 I would try a 44".


Russell Gay

Quantum Skis


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