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Digital calipers, and what is wrong with my skiing.


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I need calipers but they are all so expensive (and every one I find at the store is a 6") where have you found a fairly good pair of calipers for say under 35 bucks? (Highschool kid with only lawn mowing money to spend)


Also I got a few pictures from last weeks tournaments and I really see why I am having a tough time. I am almost all the way on my back foot! At this point I'm just having a hard time slowing everything down in my head to where I can fix this while I'm skiing.

It is just really frustrating me to see how straight my front leg is when that is the one thing iv been trying to fix.


Is there any trick any of you have used in your head to force yourself to flex the front ankle and get centered over the ski?



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This is exactly what you need



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